Episode 31 - Real & Fictional Car Chases

Nariko rolls a 10 while Dan rolls an 11 which means Nariko has to turn himself inside out on broken glass while debating most metal real & fictional car chases.

Episode 30 - Comedians & Moons

Nariko rolls to give Dan paper cuts between his fingers and toes while debating most metal comedian & real moon.

Episode 29 - 90's Horror Movies & Tornados

Nariko calls dan a shithead while Dan cuts him in half with a battle axe to debate 90's horror & tornados

Episode 28 - Presidents & Adult Swim Cartoons

Nariko attempts to steal the last of Dan's breath by lightly pushing on his chest while debating US Presidents & Adult Swim Cartoons.

Episode 27 - Revolutions & Shia LeBeouf Movies

The dice has gone missing leaving Dan & Nariko to roll with a random number generator like pathetic snowflake millennials to debate revolutions, rebellions & Shia LeBeouf movies with a new segment introduced!

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Episode 26 - Donuts & Religions

Nariko rolls to draw and quarter Dan with an army of field mice but comes up with a 1 and Dan splits Nariko down the middle with a red-hot katana. Also they debate most metal donut & religion.

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Episode 25 - Poisonous Animals & Eastern European Rulers

Dan f*cks up Nariko real bad with a pickax to the face while debating most metal poisonous animals & Eastern European rulers.

Episode 24 - Taxes, Easter Candy, Porn & More LIVE!

Dan & Nariko put a high body count on the Alberta Street Pub stage LIVE to discuss Easter Candy, Taxes, Minerals, Porn and more!

Episode 23 - Mortal Kombat Characters & Pirates

Dan tries to cave Nariko's head in with a bludgeon but fails as Nariko outrolls Dan and impales him with the scraper thing on a finger nail clipper.

Episode 22 - Amusement Park Rides & 80's Wrestlers

Nariko struggles to get his battle axe off the ground before Dan uses his to cut Nariko in half down the middle over the most metal amusement park ride & 80's wrestler. 

Episode 21 - Bible Characters & Metallica "Load" Songs

Dan tries to impale Nariko on a paperclip. Nariko rolls an 18 and sticks Dan's head on some dull PVC piping while debating the most metal characters from the Bible & songs from Metallica's "Load" album.

Episode 20 - Directors & Extinct Animal

Dan attempts to cut Nariko's face off while Nariko tries to stab Dan in the butt while debating the most metal movie directors and extinct animals. 

Episode 19 Live! - Winter Olympics Accidents & Sex Positions

Dan & Nariko are given an audience at Alberta Street Pub to decapitate one at a time.

Episode 18 - Saturday Morning Cartoons & D&D Character Class

Dan & Nariko try to impale each other on flaming dildos while debating Saturday morning cartoons & D&D character classes.

Episode 17 - Natural Disasters & Savory Pies

This week, Dan attempts to stab Nariko in the back but misses his critical hit, allowing Nariko to unicorn him with a red hot glass rod. Also, they debate the most metal natural disaster & savory pie.

Episode 16 - 80's Horror Movies & Sandwiches

This week, Dan rolls to choke Nariko out with some old twine while Nariko attempts to put Dan's head on a spike while debating the most metal 80's horror movie & all-time sandwich.

Episode 15 - Beach Boys Songs & Hallucinogens.

Dan rolls to choke out Nariko with a frayed USB cable. Nariko rolls to film Dan falling off a building onto a bed of dick-shaped spikes. Whoever wins gets to decide the most metal Beach Boys song & most metal hallucinogen. 

Episode 14 - 70's Horror Movies & Olive Garden Menu Item

This week, Dan chooses a sabre while Nariko chooses a flaming flail to cut each other's bodies in half over the most metal 70's horror movie & Olive Garden menu item. Listen to them take the Tour of Italy while Michael Myers tries to stab them from behind a bush.

Episode 13 - Assassinations & Candy Bars

Nariko and Dan swing maces at each other's faces from pedestals of fire while debating the most metal assassination attempts and candy bars. What will win? How many teeth will we lose to the Sugar Daddy? Listen now to find out!