Jon-O Pugh, with a background in shredding lead guitar now a drinker of Pabst and the host of This Might Be Good as a lover of all things music and Portland stand-up comedy.

Brian Mathusek is the co-owner and operator of Mutiny Studios, a design and printing services company, and The Mutineers, a two-piece rock band, with his partner-wife-co-conspirator, Merry Young. They are based in SE Portland.


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Episode 23

This week, Jon-O & Prime welcomed Reuben Zarate of Dante Elephante into Mutiny Studios to play some tunes and chat about the new album Anglo-Saxon Summer.



Alex Rios drops by the Carnivale Studios to chat with Jon-O & Prime about his comedy career in Portland.


episode 21

This Might Be Good welcomes Matthew Zeltzer of The American West to talk about life in a duo, touring Europe and why his best show was in Germany.


episode 20

This week on TMBG, we are joined, yet again, by the hilarious Caitlin Weierhauser. We just start to get into some good stuff when all of the sudden, the power goes out and we're left with this 43 minutes of excellence.


Episode 19

This week on TMBG we are joined by Adam Pasi, the hilarious dude who was just dubbed Portland's Funniest Comic by the prestigious Willamette Week. He tells us why being called a "former scumbag" isn't exactly a compliment. We have our second telephone guest ever when Everett Lapman calls in to ask the one question everyone is dying to ask this half-Samoan stand up comic. And Jono and Adam discuss what it's like being members of the shittiest club ever. And then Jono gets got good by Adam...


episode 18

In an act of shameless self-promotion, Brian Mathusek and Jonathan Pugh interview Brian and Merry Young of The Mutineers and Mutiny Studios. The Mutineers have just released a new 11 song live album, "Live at B-side". Jono and brings in the crew of the Carnivale Podcast to interview the duo about where they have come from, what went into the new album, and what comes next. Randy, Luke, and Sharon (Shaun) help us dissect the comparisons to other well known duos and also try their hand at our schmegment, Write a Song, Right Now! It gets milky/schweaty on the 18th episode. Check it out!


episode 17

Our first post-election/pre-apocalypse episode will post this coming Monday. Go back and check out our last episode with Nariko Ott from back when the universe meant something. Just look how happy Nariko was in this picture... ah the good old days. With your hosts, Jonathan Pugh and Brian Mathusek.


episode 16

Hellllooooo folks. It's time for another episode of THIS MIGHT BE GOOD. This week we have singer/songwriter and one man band, Scott McDougall in the studio. He tells us about a music store guru that changed the course of his life, how he ended up in the Pacific Northwest, and where he's going from here. He also lays down some killer tracks on mandolin and guitar. But to start we hear a harrowing tale of cleaning up after a backed up sewer. Life is full of adventure on THIS MIGHT BE GOOD!


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