Room of Requirement 237 is a Harry Potter podcast that examines fan theories in the wonderful world of witchcraft and wizardry.

Caitlin Weierhauser is a Portland-based comedian with a deep love for Harry Potter, fan theories, conspiracy theories, and other glorious make-em-ups.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Ilvermorny House: Wampus

Patronus: Wild Boar

Wand: Fir wood with a phoenix feather core, 13 ¼" and unbending flexibility

Randall Lawrence is the self-appointed host of Carnivale. A weird and gross podcast.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpent

Patronus: Weasel

Wand: Vine wood with a Phoenix feather core 13" and Supple flexibility



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Episode 14

We welcome muggle Carolyn Main from A Very Special Episode podcast to get sorted and discuss more advanced wizardry within Hogwarts.


episode 13

Episode 13 picks up exactly where Episode 12 leaves off with Raishawn Wickwire, Whitney Streed & Mary Numair talking about sorting, Maurader's Map theory and how pregnancy and polyjuice potion may or may not mix


episode 12

This week, we bring in Whitney Streed, Mary Numair & Raishawn Wickwire into Carnivale Studios to talk about their Harry Potter origin stories, sort Whitney into her house & get both they and Mary Numair to get their patronuses.


episode 11

In this week's episode of Room of Requirement 237, we talk to Jacques Subaru about his culinary adventures as well as Klaus Wagner to discuss his experience as a German wizard in America.



We're back with a bit of discussion on which deatheater should be assigned cabinet positions in the new Snakeface administration. Also discussed is a bit more Fantastic Beasts theory with Avalon Leonetti!


episode 10

Greetings Muggles! We're back from the holiday break with some introductory theories and discussion on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them as well as some POA/Book 3 theory.

We also have self-proclaimed wizard and Ilvermorny graduate Chuck join us for some HP discussion.



Randall wakes up for Episode 9 as we discuss with Ep. 8 guests Avalon Leonetti & Aaron Harleman. We head into everyone's favorite segment "who fuckin'?" and talk about the Tri-Wizard Tournament and werewolves.



Randall gets far too high when guests Avalon Leonetti & Aaron Harleman come into the studio to discuss the Salem Witch Trials, muggle tech and how Ron Weasley deals with love.


episode 7

We finally made it to the end of The Chamber (of secret snakes and snickers) and talk bad dialogue, the true purpose of the basilisk and the sword that killed the first 4 Harry Potters. #RIPThoseKids - also, we made a band...

This podcast was brought to you by Bacon Mistakes.


Episode 6

We have guests Shane Hosea of the Hosea Hustle podcast as well as Chris Khatami of the Reboot, Reuse, Recycle podcast on to talk about wrestling and languages.

Chris gets sorted and, surprise surprise, ends up in the best house...



In Episode 5, we welcome special guest Jazzy to discuss sex, Breaking Bad & Star Wars theory. We also get into Hogwarts as an insane asylum and whether or not J.K. Rowling is her own Voldemort.

Does Dumbledore know about more "Chosen Ones" aside from Harry & Neville? Check it out below and we'll let you know what we think!


episode 4

In Episode 4, we dig deeper into technological abilities on the grounds of Hogwarts. Discussions on religion, contraceptives, politics, cheese and food engineering also take place.

We also get further into who, outsize of the witch and wizarding world, may actually be a witch or wizard including Willy Wonka & Geppetto.


Episode 3 & election special bonus episode

This week, Jon-O from This Might Be Good joins us to discuss his new band idea as well as drug use and muggle-born wizards in Hogwarts.

It gets a bit more serious as we discuss parallels between Snakeface/He Who Shall Not Be Named/Voldemort and our president elect Donald Trump in the special bonus election episode.



In episode 2, Caitlin & Randall discuss the Carrie Potter theory & the frequency of sexual activity amongst the Hogwarts students (5th year and above only!)



In our first episode we talk about our personal histories with the Harry Potter books and get Randall ready for Hogwarts We also discuss how much he hates the Sorting Hat song, the Hogwarts school song, and J.K. Rowling's "early work."

We examine The Chosen One(s) theory, Wizards are Real, cross-over theory about Mary Poppins, and more!