Episode 26 - "Fantastic Beats and Where to Drop Them"

Kevin Porter of the Gilmore Guys podcast drops in for an incredibly magical two parter. Part one is Harry Potter ASL, books vs. movies and how magically DOPE an HBO/Netflix Harry Potter reboot would be.

Episode 24 - "RoR 237 Live!"

It's RoR 237 Live! We brought our most magical selves to the stage with special guests Katie Behrens and Tyler Quinn of the "Meanwhile, at Hogwarts..." improv team! We talk about secret spy Professor McGonagall and unicorn blood plus the most magical HP drag names!

Episode 22 - "A Tissue Full of Doves"

We have the most magical Nick Sahoya in studio with Marcus Coleman to witness Marcus get sorted into his house and discuss theory on Mad Eye Moody and transportation into and out of Hogwarts.