Pitch, Please! 10 - "The Bitman Coineth"

Live at Kelly's Olympian in Portland, OR - the game of the 60 second screenplay! Starring Nariko Ott, Adam Pasi, Corina Lucas & Steven Wilber as Portland's Funniest Pitchers!

Pitch, Please! 9 - "Digital Knife"

It's a super hot, super loud, super screamy episode when the boys of Did We Solve It? podcast square off with the Good Garbage girls of Cramps Comedy at Kelly's Olympian!

Pitch, Please! 8 - "Fresh Faces, Fresh Meat"

Fresh faces, fresh meat, fresh Portland comedians coming to the Pitch-off! We're joined by Lydia Manning, Clancy Kramer & Sarah Young with a guest pitch round by co-host Shane Hosea. 

Pitch, Please! 7 - "Tampon Saddle"

This month's star-studded spectacular recording comes to you live from Kickstand Comedy Space in Portland, OR! We have the brightest stars a Sunday night could have offered including Amanda Arnold (Undertow Comedy Festival), Kat Buckley (Comic Strip), Mohaned Elshieky (Lovett or Leave It, Helium Comedy Club, Limestone Comedy Festival) & Nariko Ott (What's More Metal?, Portland's Funniest Person 2016)!

Pitch, Please! 6 - "BJ69 Spectacular!"

It's a 69ing spectacular as we celebrate the holiest of days: Billy Joel's 69th birthday! This month's special episode includes Aaron Wagner of "Glenda Glenn Studios", Michael Garcia of "Studio 54, Where Are You?", Dave Lowrey of "Frosty Boys" & Avalon Leonetti of "F*ck F*ck F*ck".

Co-hosted by the host with the Hustle, Shane Hosea
Hosted, illustrated & created by Carolyn Main

Pitch, Please! 5 - "Dick Pope"

We've got laughter, claughter, drama and comedy. All of this and more starring Kirsten Kuppenbender, Becky Braunstein, Adam Pasi & Katie Nguyen!

Pitch, Please! 4 - "Up To Snuff"

This edition of Pitch, Please! puts JoAnn Schinderle of JoJo's NoNos against Milan Patel of Wet Dog Pu$$y Productions, Dan Weber of Bloodcult and Shain Brenden of Brazzzers.

Pitch, Please! 3 - “Boney Tales”

In this raucous live recording contestants pitch a comedic slasher movie and the film version of Jiffy Bones: "Fastest Man Dead"

Pitch, Please! 2 - Home Alone on The Range

The most epical of face-offs happens between the dirty dudes, Luke Messimer (Tired Monk Studios) and Shaun Rakhshani (Dinosaur Lips Productions) of Cranival, Portland's Funniest Person Caitlin Weierhauser (King Bitch Studios) and substituting for Phil Schallberger is Rocket Jackson (YMCA of Santa Monica)

Pilot: "Butt Beach, Vermont"

In this first episode, Mel "Hollywood" Haywood of Magic Underwear studios, Wendy "Weiss Weiss Baby" Weiss of Lemon La Croix, Shane "Show Me The Hosea" Hosea of Western Lariot Productions  and Anthony "Lopez/Estevez/Sheen" Lopez of OmniPictures face off in the game of the sixty second screenplay!