Ep. 4: Lone Fir Cemetery with Dylan Jenkins

Sara explores the haunted Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland, OR with guest Dylan Jenkins. Listen to the fascinating and horrifying tales of the people who are laid to rest in this expansive graveyard and join along as Sara and Dylan set out to find the final resting places of the various people they have discussed.

Ep. 8: Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery with Becky Braunstein

Follow along on an adventure with Sara and comic guest Becky Braunstein as they explore the very old, very haunted Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery in Lafayette, OR. While Sara tells the story of the legend of a ghostly witch in this small, overgrown cemetery, both of them find themselves frozen in fear when they hear a car pull up to them in the middle of the night.

Ep. 11: Independence, Oregon with Alex Rios

Sara and her comedic guest Alex Rios stroll down Main Street in the very haunted town of Independence, OR. Join them as they discuss the haunted businesses and terrifying accounts of hauntings that residents of this spooky town have come to expect.