Join host Shane Hosea as he and a guest take product pitches from you, the listener, and turn them into million-dollar ideas! We take bad ideas and make them even worse.


Shane Hosea- Comedian and Artist from Portland Oregon. Proprietor of the Book of Hosea webcomic. He will draw anything for a dollar. 

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BONUS - Hosea Hustle Live Show 4/7/17

The Hustle is LIVE from Portland, Oregon with guests Adam Pasi and Alex Rios! 


episode 018 - Happy Numair!

Its a new year and Shane is joined by his favorite Numair! Mary Numair! Listen as they discuss man buns (the hair kind) and TAKING BUILD-A-BEAR DOWN!


episode 012 - mobile hustle w/ uncle cait

This week Shane is joined by Caitlin Weierhauser. Listen as they discuss X-Treme Sparkling Water, Poopagachi and Robots that might Kidnap your Baby!