Join host Shane Hosea as he and a guest take product pitches from you, the listener, and turn them into million-dollar ideas! We take bad ideas and make them even worse.


Shane Hosea- Comedian and Artist from Portland Oregon. Proprietor of the Book of Hosea webcomic. He will draw anything for a dollar. 



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Episode 025 - River City RUMBLE

Fellow Rivercity Podcast Federation producer joins Shane to take pitches for NEW PODCASTS! Do any of them make the cut?


Episode 024 - The Quarantine Episode: Feat. Rob

Shane is joined by T-Shirt Mogul Rob Campbell to discuss how sick Shane is and count to 10 using band names! 



Mark is BACK and badder than ever. Time to talk about MORE Disney Rides into movies, MORE bassists in hotels and MORE XANDER CAGE, BABY!
Thanks to Jennifer Richards for the special theme!


episode 022

Shane is joined by Nick Walker where they discuss carbonated fruit, skateboard shoes and personal space on airplanes.


Episode 021

This week Shane is joined by good good comedian Whitney Streed, listen as they struggle to name a single product that cross their path!


episode 020

This week Shane is joined by Jeremiah Coughlan to talk about kid products FOR GROWN UPS! 

Thanks to Jennifer Richards for the theme song