Bracket Royale (debate chub)

Two guests take on a pop culture topic and debate, discuss, & decide what is the champion of said topic. 


Chris is the judge, jury and selectiocutioner of Bracket Royale. He cares a lot about pop culture and even more about what people think of him. He reluctantly agreed to say this podcast gives him a debate chub.



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The Cinematicest cereal

Natasha Muse & Ariana Hirsh debate what breakfast cereal captures the magic of cinema best as the Debate Chub heads back to the Bay Area In The Cinematicest Cereal!


the marriageablest marvel movie

Would you rather spend the rest of your life with Captain America: The Winter Soldier or Avengers: Age of Ultron? Well on this episode of Bracket Royale Chris finds out which Marvel(MCU)movie is the one to wed in holy matrimony. But he won't do it alone! He is joined by THREE great guests from Olympia, WA: Jim Stewart Allen, Nicole Ash Bailey & Chase Roper. So get ready to put a ring on The Marriageablest Marvel Movie!


the hunkiest horror movie monster

Get ready to be spooked as Andy Iwancio & Kevin Johnston debate and discuss what horror movie monster is the most hunky. Will Judge Chris be brave or will he tremble in the dark as Bracket Royale discovers The Hunkiest Horror Movie Monster!


The cutest conspiracy

Conspiracy theory experts Kyle McCormick & Shane Hose guest on an episode that THE MAN doesn't want you to hear. This episode is about conspiracy theories, and which one is officially The Cutest Conspiracy Theory! Enjoy, and watch out.


the sexiest seven

Prepare for what might be the greatest episode of Bracket Royale! to date. Past guest Shane Hosea joins new guest Lewis Sequeira to debate & discover what Seven is the Sexiest Seven. Will it be Snow White's 7 Dwarves, 7 of 9 or the 7 Wonders of the World.

The Misunderstoodest Marine Mammal


Chicago comic Brittany Meyer & Portland Comic Nick Puente debate which marine mammal is the Misunderstoodest Marine Mammal as Judge Chris Khatami supplies a bunch of useless information on the topic.


the babiest boy bands

Comedian Kaeli Quick & musician Jeremy Lyon use The Bracket to discover what boy band is the "Babiest." Is it *NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys, B2K, Hanson, The Style Boyz? Tune in to find out as Bracket Royale! visits the Bay Area.


The Magicalest Musical

Chris is joined by Seattle's Natalie Holt & Mark of The Movie Quiz PDX to use The Bracket to answer the question: What is the Magicalest Musical?



Chris is joined by Jeremiah Coughlan & Nicky Moon to find out once and for all who is the Trashiest Time Traveler! Twists and turns occur around every corner, so buckle your seat belt and hope The Bracket survives.


spookiest sitcom

Chris is joined by Alison Stevenson & Carolyn Main to find out what is the Spookiest Sitcom! They stay brave as they use the bracket and their wits to accomplish this task.


the truest title

For the premiere episode Chris Khatami is joined by Caitlin Weierhauser & Shane Hosea find out what is the Truest Title of this podcast! They use a bracket, their minds, and their convictions to accomplish this task.