BRACKET ROYALE (debate chub)

Two guests take on a pop culture topic and debate, discuss, & decide what is the champion of said topic. 


Chris is the judge, jury and selectiocutioner of Bracket Royale. He cares a lot about pop culture and even more about what people think of him. He reluctantly agreed to say this podcast gives him a debate chub.



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the sexiest seven

Prepare for what might be the greatest episode of Bracket Royale! to date. Past guest Shane Hosea joins new guest Lewis Sequeira to debate & discover what Seven is the Sexiest Seven. Will it be Snow White's 7 Dwarves, 7 of 9 or the 7 Wonders of the World.


The Magicalest Musical

Chris is joined by Seattle's Natalie Holt & Mark of The Movie Quiz PDX to use The Bracket to answer the question: What is the Magicalest Musical?


spookiest sitcom

Chris is joined by Alison Stevenson & Carolyn Main to find out what is the Spookiest Sitcom! They stay brave as they use the bracket and their wits to accomplish this task.