Episode 40: The Return of Sexy Snape

After beating back the ravenous rats, our Goblin Marketeers face down a swarm of ravenous Black Frida's Day shoppers. Sexy Snape reappears, and has a minor philosophical disagreement with Quincy. Gary, Konnie, and Meshak do their best to sell, and Richard (Estelev) engages in some underhanded merchant tactics. What do you think of DM Johnny's foray into DMing?
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Episode 39: Black Frida's Day Eve

The representatives of the Goblin Market continue their efforts to legitimize their business. There is a discussion on seasons that exposes a hemicentric bias, and DM Johnny introduces a secret, sexy Snape to mixed reviews. A vermin infestation threatens the marketeers' preparations for Black Frida's Day.

Episode 38: Season 1.5, Part 1

We wrap up on Season 1, and take a break before starting Season 2. Prepare yourself for DM Johnny Skald! And, meet the folks trying to start up the Goblin Market: gnoll tailor Gary Gurteri, and his wife Kondele ("please, call me Konnie"); goblin blacksmith Meschach; crazed goblin fruitseller everyone calls "Quincy"; and also, Richard (Estelev) is there.
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