Chumba And Wumba is a podcast where Portland comics and close friends Alex Rios and Adam Pasi talk about their week and whatever else is on their mind


Adam Pasi has a face that sells free newspapers and women's deodorant. He is a loud joke teller, and an even louder laugher.

Alex Rios is also a Portland-based comic, bringing his specific brand dark, short bits to audiences across the city.

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Episode 2 - "Candy milk"

This week, Pasi & Rios chat about drugs, arrests and their dear friend that needs help, Laci Day


episode 1 - "Pilot"

Adam & Alex sit down for the very first episode and talk about the first couple weeks of February. Alex talks about the sh*ttiest first parts of this year.

Intro/Outro music by The Mutineers
Produced by Randall Lawrence