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Randall Lawrence, your self-appointed host, migrated to Portland, OR after a brief 26 year stint in Orange County. No college degree, no filter for stupidity and no regard for intelligence.

Shaun (Sharon) Rahkshani works for an orthopedic surgeon and hates it immensely. His philosophy degree does wonders when it comes to discussing the buttery jack and his sweet deals.

Luke (dodo), knower and producer of all things musically related to the Cranival plays in many bands and leads many musican endeavors, including but not limited to creating every Cranival intro from scratch.

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episode 37 - carnivale headlines w/ tv's dick soup.

This week gets weird when we have Jon-O from This Might Be Good on again as well as a quick check in on the Carnivale Headlines with new senior correspondent, TV's Dick Soup.


episode 36 - the eternal sweat lodge

This week we're live from the Eternal Sweat Lodge! Listen to us get real mad about bingo and hear from a possible future guest, Dr. Joe, the Horse Chiropractor.



That's right, we're releasing episodes in reverse now. This is the long lost episode 34 wherein Shane Hosea of the Hosea Hustle & Avalon Leonetti, Portland comic come in to do impressions of Christopher Walken and talk about the Nic Cage classic Outcast. It's a real gross time...


episode 35 - wendy weiss, ben harkins & caitlin weierhauser

This week, we get three past guests, Wendy Weiss, Ben Harkins and Caitlin Weierhauser to talk about the Nic Cage drama "Knowing", a pointless film. Wendy also discusses a great show coming up on March 5th. Details and tickets available here -


episode 33 - Two stars or less w/ curtis cook

It's super gross this week as we have hilarious comedian and past dandelion Curtis Cook to help is give Lost in Space the Two Stars or Less treatment.


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