Episode 52 - Heaven

The boys escape the clutches of the sticky floored Jamba Juice and the eternal lottery in the 7-11 of hell and make it to Heaven. They are greeted by St. Peter and his twin brother Peter who have lots to say about Heaven including it's budget, contents and methods of transportation.

It's so f*cking gross you guys...

Episode 20 - Hutch Harris, Social Justice Warrior Batperson & The World's Friendliest Cannibal

In our double-decacast, Hutch Harris of The Thermals comes in to talk about his career outside of the hit Portland punk band within the stand up comedy scene. We also got Caitlin Weierhauser to come hang out again along with John-O from This Might Be Good as well as sat down with Social Justice Warrior Batperson & The World's Friendliest Cannibal. It's very gross...

Episode 38 - Shannon Kyle for "Make It Hard"

It's legitimately gross this week as we have Shannon Kyle of the "Make It Hard" podcast come on and discuss the vast knowledge of porn parodies he has seen.