Episode 26: Full House - "The Apartment"

Our TGIF marathon concludes with the show that started our little pop culture coffee klatch, Full House, and the season seven episode "The Apartment", in which DJ doesn't have sex with Steve in his swanky (?) new apartment, but gets the same level of shit from her dad as if she did. And no, this isn't the Papouli episode or the DJ eating disorder one, but more importantly, it is the episode that lured Ryan back to discuss this show once again. Along the way, the Aluminum Four play a game of eff/marry/kill (with surprising results), heap praise on Kimmie Gibbler's bedroom, and emphasize again and again how Joey is The Worst. So get off your coffee table, put away your vanilla ice cream dinner and turn down that "rock" music, then download and listen here, rate & review us on iTunes or listen via Podbean, Stitcher and Google Play.