A regular podcast in which the hosts of Saved by the Bell Reviewed and friends discuss "very special episodes" from across pop culture!


Ryan Alexander-Tanner is a cartoonist and educator living in Portland, OR, who has an unhealthy obsession with pop-culture.  The most damning evidence of this is the blog Full House Reviewed and the Podcast Saved By the Bell Reviewed

Carolyn Main is a cartoonist, writer, and game maker from Portland. She loves her pug, her dude, Billy Joel, and butts.

Austin Gorton dunks his butt in batter and fries it once a year at the state fair. He has a wife and child, and maybe also an evil twin.

I am David Bitz, and Bitz stands for shits. I eat poop at night, full time.


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episode 14

Join the Aluminum Four as they travel back in time 65 million years/the early 90s, to a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth/airwaves, via Dinosaurs, ABC's Jim Henson-produced sitcom featuring pantsless dinosaur puppets tackling the issues of the day via prehistoric-themed puns. Steroids are on the menu in the season three episode "Steroids to Heaven", in which teenage Robbie pops some "thornoids" in order to bulk up and impress a girl, but the Aluminum Four, in true meandering fashion, also take on the Friend Zone, Skype etiquette, and what kind of food they'd still eat if the food talked back to them.


episode 13

Who is ready for a pizza party? In this week's episode, Carolyn & David are joined by special friends Mel Heywood & Mendi Menefee to discuss the episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show in which Oprah interviews the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (no, really) and "April O'Neil" (no, really) in a shameless hour-long promotion of their concert tour (no, really).


episode 12

Bah Weep Granah Weep Nini Bong! This week, the Aluminum Four tackle an episode from the fourth season of that 90s TGIF staple, Boy Meets World, "Cult Fiction", in which Sean (Rider Strong) gets seduced into joining a surprisingly-robust cult ridiculously fast, much to the dismay of Corey (Ben Savage) and his ready-to-kill dad. Along the way, we learn the most important lesson of all: that hot chicks and bad dudes make for the best cults!


episode 11

In honor of the recent passing of Mary Tyler Moore, the Aluminum Four reunite for this week's episode to discuss the third season premiere of her eponymous sitcom, "The Good-Time News", in which Mary learns she makes less money than the man who did her job before her, just because she's a woman, then fights with her boss over whether the news should be more informative, or more entertaining. So needless to say, our discussion gets...political. If that's not your bag right now, consider this your trigger warning. But we also talk about Minnesotans' furious need to claim all the celebrities we can as our own, the real inspiration for Ron Burgundy, and the awesomeness of morning meeting drinking.


episode 10

In this special "All Minnesota" episode, Austin & David are joined by a very special guest, Austin's wife, Kristi, to discuss the fourth season episode of 24, "7:00 PM - 8:00 PM" aka "24 tries to shoehorn a message into a random episode that not all Arab-Americans are terrorists". And because this is 24, we end up talking torture, EMPs, and looting, all the while doing our best to keep David's head from exploding due to the lack of logic throughout the episode.