A regular podcast in which the hosts of Saved by the Bell Reviewed and friends discuss "very special episodes" from across pop culture!


Ryan Alexander-Tanner is a cartoonist and educator living in Portland, OR, who has an unhealthy obsession with pop-culture.  The most damning evidence of this is the blog Full House Reviewed and the Podcast Saved By the Bell Reviewed

Carolyn Main is a cartoonist, writer, and game maker from Portland. She loves her pug, her dude, Billy Joel, and butts.

Austin Gorton dunks his butt in batter and fries it once a year at the state fair. He has a wife and child, and maybe also an evil twin.

I am David Bitz, and Bitz stands for shits. I eat poop at night, full time.


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episode 8 - charlie gets molested

AVSE goes post-modern this week as we discuss It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 1, episode 7, "Charlie Gets Molested", a very special episode whose creators were well aware of the tradition as they tackled the titular event (which may or may not have happened). Carol, Austin and Dr. Bitz are joined by very special guest Aaron Walker, aka Carol's hetereosxual lifemate, and because this is a Carol-directed episode, the Saved by the Bell references are run especially hot and heavy, inspired by the actor playing the alleged molester.


episode 5 - Cartoon All-Stars to the REscue!

In this week's episode, the Aluminum Four stretch our mandate a little, as we discuss not a "very special" episode of an ongoing TV series, but rather a one-shot show specifically designed to be "special". So travel back with us to those halcyon days of the War on Drugs, when President Bush the Elder told children to read his lips and watch this animated special, in which the brightest cartoon stars of 1990 (including Alf, Slimer and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) team-up with classic characters like Daffy Duck & Bugs Bunny to teach kids about the dangers of befriending floating ephemeral smoke beings wearing a suit, ie doing drugs. The end result is...kind of a mixed, muddled message, but hey, Winnie the Pooh talks about hardcore drug use, so there's that.


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